Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Twitter Launches Feature Start 'Download All Tweet'

Twitter Launches Feature Start 'Download All Tweet'
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has promised Twitter will bring new features such as download the entire tweet this year. And now the feature is already launched Twitter.

This new feature allows Twitter users to download all the tweets that have archived his Twitter. Namn feature is still in testing stage and not yet available to all users. Only a few users are having the 'Your Twitter Archive' in his account.

A blogger from India, Navjot Singh, was one of those who felt the new Twitter feature.

"By clicking this button, Twitter will inform you that they will send a download link of your tweet archive. Files that are sent are formatted html and will be 'wrapped' with zip," writes Singh, as quoted by Mashable.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user with the account @ Psilosophy reported that he saw the option of a new feature via the Settings page.

Other users ie @ nspeaks also mentioned that he found the same options in his account.

Hopefully this new feature will be quickly realized by the Twitter microblogging site users all over it.

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