Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Here's Gangnam Ala NASA Style

Johnson NASA Style
Workers at NASA have a motto Work Hard Play Hard. Although they worked hard for science, they also know how to entertain themselves. Like what?

The latest project from NASA spacecraft or satellite is not, but this is a unique video parody on 'Gangnam Style'.

The main objective of this project is to inform the public about the incredible work going on in NASA and the Johnson Space Center, such as reported by Ubergizmo.

NASA employees make nearly four-minute video titled duration NASA Johnson Style created by the students of the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC).

NASA says that the lyrics and the scenes in the video remade. Unfortunately, Psy, the original singer, not the star of the video, but NASA right to choose the best person to make a move 'up the horse'.

NASA and the US-owned airlines are not showing Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea, the video was actually made ​​in a NASA mission control center who do the flight simulator and testing rockets.

One part of the video track contains the following words, "The science was everywhere. As we are the engineers who make things flying in the air. "

Curious to watch video Gangnam Style ala NASA? Simply click the link below.

Inilah Gangnam Style Ala NASA - INILAH.com

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