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Status Suspended Mario Balotelli?

mario balotelli

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli, were not included when City beat Newcastle United. Is frozen status as a City player?

In a match which ended 3-1 to the Citizens, Roberto Mancini does not include Balotelli. In fact, his name was not in a reserve player. Perhaps this is her punishment after reacting negatively when pulled off against Manchester United last week.

In the match against Manchester United, Balotelli went straight to the locker room as players replaced by Carlos Tevez. The Italian players did not glance at Mancini when pulled out. However, Balotelli eventually returned to the bench after being in the locker room.

Balotelli's future with the City continues to be a conversation. AC Milan called very interested in him. It is not possible City will take it off as often acting and arguing with Mancini. In fact, there is mention status as a City player suspended.

"Balotelli still has a future here. He had to work harder. If he judged worthy of showing because of hard work, it will be played. But, otherwise, he would not play or just sit on the bench," he said, the BBC.

"He had to train hard and when quality is back, then he will play. Season, we menjuara Premier League because we were industrious striker scored four goals. We want it to happen again," he said.

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