Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

marijuana treat pain?

Not reduce, marijuana can at least make the pain more bearable. Marijuana plants applied in the form of pills.

Results of research done at the University of Oxford has recently pointed out, marijuana can make the patient feel less concerned about the pain they are experiencing. As quoted by dailymail.co.uk.

Scans reveal brain activity diminished emotional reaction in the area who became ill after consuming cannabis.

The study involved 12 volunteers, using chili cream to produce the pain of burning. Those who take the pill marijuana is not a big pain when their skin is covered with cream.

While those who did not, claimed to feel the unbearable pain after smeared chili cream.

The researchers found materials psychoactive substance in marijuana does not reduce the intensity of pain, but rather make it more bearable.

Lead researcher Dr Michael Lee, said: "Cannabis does not seem to act like conventional pain medications. Some people respond very well, others not at all, or even worse. Marijuana seems to be mainly affecting the emotional reaction to pain in a highly varied. '

A different approach is often needed to help patients cope with pain, including medications, physical therapy, and other forms of physical therapy, and psychological support.

For some patients, cannabis or cannabis-based drugs remain effective when other drugs have failed to control the pain, while others reported very little effect on their pain but memberik side effects.

"We conducted this study to get a reaction when someone is experiencing pain to use marijuana," said Dr. Lee.


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