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Samsung Targets 510 Million Mobile Sold in 2013

Samsung Targets 510 Million Mobile Sold in 2013
Samsung Electronics aims to sell 510 million units of mobile phones in 2013. This figure is 20% more than the 2012 target.

With the power sector of its Android smartphone, the Samsung is currently enjoying its heyday in the global mobile world.

But in the next year, the South Korean electronics giant is planning to further expand in the mobile world in order to remain competitive with its main rivals from the U.S., Apple.

TheKoreaTimes proclaimed, by the end of 2012, Samsung is expected to be able to sell 420 million units of mobile phones. With quite fantastic figure it, I wonder if in 2013 dared to target Samsung cell phone sales in figure 510 million units.

"We are targeting 510 million phones will be sold in the next year, with details of 390 million units of smartphones and the rest is that 120 million units is a regular feature phones," said an executive from Samsung suplaier unit.

In addition to continuing to rely on smartphones and tablets Galaxy products, Samsung also plans to begin production line of devices based on the operating system Windows Phone 8 in 2013.

Samsung is currently cooperating with Tizen, which is one of the manufacturers of rival Intel chipset.

Samsung Targetkan 510 Juta Ponsel Terjual di 2013 -

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