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Sex: 6 Tips For Couples Women moaning

Sex: 6 Tips For Couples Women moaning
The men would like to make a woman climax partner in any sexual relationship without too long.

As quoted from the time of india, here are six tips that can men do to make women feel their partner moan of pleasure.

1. Make stiffness or tightness on the part of a sexy
The PC muscle in women is one of the most sensitive areas. Make them tight and tense, but with very rhythmic. While you're busy elsewhere, he will approach peak quickly.

2. Mission impossible
Pillows are also handy at all times. Place one under her hips so that her hips are also rising. This will give you more room to touch the erotic and she will enjoy your erotic touch.
3. Teasing him
Slow down your actions, make it slowly but gradually. Make your lover enjoy every movement you make, but curious about the great strides you will make.
For instance tricks yours thrusting into her as he kissed her slowly making her be close, will be very close to the Big O.

4. Emotional seduction
Can also make the room atmosphere that can support activities such as putting your romance a few candles, beautiful satin and soft music playing.
Talk to some of the word sexy and sexy tone to it. Tell him what you want to do and how.
This will stimulate her emotionally and become impatient with what you would do.
5. Erotic touchBe a lot of fun that can be generated from the spot in women. Rest assured that he, too, was eager to touch and feel the pleasure you more than anything. Find the pulse points. He will feel so relaxed and excited to reach peak enjoyment.
6. Be sensitive
But remember not too busy with the movement you perform. You also have to understand what he spends is moaning from pleasure or pain.
Make him stay relaxed, ask him to tell which parts that give pleasure and do what he wants feeling. She will love you more for it.

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