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if your insomnia? this is the cure


Having a good sleep quality also affect our physical condition in performing daily activities. So how do you sleep throughout the 2012's?
If you have a quality sleep is unsatisfactory, you may need a helper tool to get better sleep quality in the coming year.
1. Supplement


In essence magnolia to relax muscles, calm nerves and lowered levels of cortisol (a stress hormone naturally in the body) as well as ziziphus, which increases alpha waves in the brain that helps us sleep, Seditol is their magic pill for insomnia.
2. Yoga

Some believe yoga can help to easily sleep as attaching legs to the wall in the direction of the body while lying down.
"It's good for calming the nervous system," said the Cat Alip-Douglas from celebrities Jivamukti yoga school in London.
Performed for five to ten minutes, breathing with awareness will make it easier to feel sleepy and fell asleep.


fresh water
"The combination of hops and valerian of Dr.Stuart's Valerian Plus is brilliant for improving your sleep," says nutritionist Ian Marber,
Drink it 20 minutes before bedtime serves as a mild sedative of the type most gentle.
.Essential oils
Essential oil
"From experience, I've found a mix vetivert, camomile and sandalwood essential oils are more effective sleep aid than lavender," advises Geraldine Howard, founder of Aromatherapy Associatess. Vetiver enhance peace and tranquility.
Health tip
Heath tips

"If you find it difficult to get a good night's sleep, try taking 200mg magnesiumuntuk inducing sleep," advises Ian Marber. Or have 20 minutes of soaking Magnesium Flakes.
6.Gadget specifically for sleep

Gadget specifically for sleep
 If you are the type of person who sleeps with hearing voices, White Noise Machine is the answer. These machines are low mumble while you sleep to drown out noise from neighbors, traffic, weather, and more.
Sleep masks
Sleep masks
 Not all eye masks are made the same, some like Silk Eye Mask Holistiic, preventing all incoming light and filled with a mixture of lavender and backed with velvety smooth skin for extra comfort.


insomnia application
All the experts agree that in order to support the bed, turn off the phones, televisions and laptops. But we thought it was worth making an exception to remain lit as there are several applications that can help get more sleep
Sleeping with MotionX records, keeping polatidur you, so you know when you tend to wake up at night, keep track of your energy. Also use an alarm to help wake up.
9. Blowing wind

Blowing wind
Leave the bedroom window open, if only just by an inch and even during the winter. Not just to lower the body temperature, you also need to prevent the room gets hot during the night that can wake you up. A constant suhukamar winter is ideal.
10. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy Candles
Aromatherapy candles lit for several hours before you go to bed and enjoy the fragrance gives a feeling of peace.


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