Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Spice Girls Reunion Ready Without Victoria Beckham

Spice Girls Reunion
Spice Girls reunion reportedly will return by way of a series of world tours, but without Victoria Beckham.

Citing Digitalspy, Sunday (16/12), some of the media in Britain busy talking about Victoria will soon be replaced by Heidi Range, the Sugababes one of the personnel to fill the reality show Viva Forever! which was released in the UK.

Gossip Victoria turnover in the absence of the famous footballer's wife when the opening of the reality show that was held last week at the Piccadilly Theatre, UK.

But the feud is akhrinya rebuffed several members of the Spice Girls, in either his official Twitter account.

"It seems like a lot to write nonsense about the Spice Girls days. None of us will be replaced or replaced," said Melanie C via Twitter.

Emma Bunton is also added by saying, "No one Spice Girls would be replaced and replaced. Media has written nonsense."

Spice Girl show

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