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Subaru WRX STi Stop Sales & Impreza In England

Subaru WRX STi Stop Sales & Impreza In England
Subaru car manufacturer deficient demand models and the Impreza WRX STi in the UK so that they will not proceed with the sale.

Although the all-new Impreza has been launched in Japan and the United States since last year, a spokesman for Subaru said that there is not enough demand for cars like the Impreza in the UK, so there will be no new models will be added to their product line-up.

Quoted from Autoexpress, the spokesman said, "The new Impreza has been under evaluation in the UK for 12 months, but the decision has been taken not to bring the model to the UK again because of lack of demand."

This decision also means the end of the WRX STi. Subaru Impreza and WRX Sti split into two separate model in 2007, when the third generation Impreza arrived, and demand is reduced and no longer able to compete with more modern competitors in design, interior quality, performance and emissions.

Instead, Subaru will focus on the UK market product XV, New Forester and Outback SUV.

"Concentrate on the SUV and Subaru BRZ. We hope to produce more BRZ in the next year to meet strong demand for the car." Subaru added the spokesperson.

He also said it also could not confirm what will happen to the production Subaru Legacy after the end of 2013

Subaru WRX STi

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