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5 Reasons to Keep Using Windows 7

Windows 7 VS Windows 8
Although Microsoft released Windows 8, many devices based on Windows 7 is still available on the market, and some of them are still a favorite sales.
If you are currently looking for a new computer, there are five good reasons to keep choosing to Windows 7, at least according to research carried out by the following ConsumerReports.
1. Toughness Windows 7

Toughness Windows 7
Windows 7 is generally received good reviews when it was released. A few years after its launch in 2009, only a few complaints about Windows 7.
If you are satisfied with Windows 7 and even Windows XP until now, no reason to switch to Windows 8.
2. You do not like the touch screen

windows 7 vs windows 8
Windows 8 is all about touch. Yes, you can use it with a mouse or touchpad, but is designed to make you instinctively touch the screen on the computer.
Without a touch screen, a reason to upgrade the old system or buy a computer with Windows 8 becomes less attractive.
3. You do not like change

windows 7 vs windows 8
Windows 8 does not have a familiar start button to launch the program and shut down the system. Of course, it is not difficult to start your application with the new look of Windows 8.
But then again, everything will never be the same than clicking the Start button and see a list of programs. So if you prefer the old way, stick with Windows 7.
4. The system still needs to be upgraded

windows 7 vs windows 8
Some Windows 8 still does not meet the expected performance, and a computer with Windows 7 is still a lot that is still very new. Windows 8 is still to be updated in order to improve performance is less than optimal.
5. You are still confused to choose

windows 7 vs windows 8
 You might be better off using Windows 7 for now, and then upgrade it to Windows 8.
You can do it easily as long as you buy a new computer by the end of January 2013 and register for the upgrade through windowsupgradeoffer.com on February 28, 2013.

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