Rabu, 19 Desember 2012

Why Doctors Surgery Using a Green Dress?

Why Doctors Surgery Using a Green Dress?

Originally it used the color white symbolizes cleanliness. However, an influential doctors replaced it with a green color because she feels more comfortable in the green eyes.

Although it is difficult confirmed why the color green so popular for this reason, green is suitable for the doctor to see better in the surgery, because green is the opposite of red color in the color wheel.

According to a psychologist, saw the green color can refresh the eye surgeon to see red colored objects, including the organs of the body are covered with blood during surgery. Seeing red continue to cause a red signal in the brain fade sensifitasnya the red variety.

Another reason is, constantly focused on the color red would cause the illusion Nofa green background color on a light-colored or white. It will disrupt penlihatan doctor. If the color green shirt surgeon, this illusion will fade and will not interfere with vision doctor.


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