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This Newsweek Magazine Print Edition Version Last

This Newsweek Magazine Print Edition Version Last
Newsweek magazine decided to discontinue the print edition and will be fully present news content online. This December is the last edition of their printed versions. Like what?
Proclaimed Mashable, Newsweek will end its presence after 80 years of presence in the print world. Closing the print edition of this was done because of their ad revenue decline in the print version.

October 2012, Newsweek announced that their last print edition will be released this December, or rather Monday morning U.S. time (24/12).

Display sampulNewsweek last print edition featuring old pictures Newsweek office in New York in black and white as the background, the Newsweek logo on the top and hastag # LASTPRINTISSUE in the middle of the cover.

Newsweek magazine
Although discontinue their print versions, Newsweek will continue to operate and change their name to Newsweek Global in 2013 with only an online version only.

Decline in advertising revenue for print publishing business has become one of the problems faced by many publications in the U.S..

The development of digital technology and access to information that the consumer is now switching to digital is also forcing some pages publishing business reduce, or even shut down their print versions. But most now give two versions, online or print and focus only on the online course.

Want to see the home page display the print version of Newsweek Magazine last? Simply click on the link below.

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