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This is the Most Fun Route 6 for the Bikers

The bikers will love the full slope, derivative, and twists that challenge, along with outstanding views.
Spur straight iron horse on the road at high speed is fun, but sometimes the bikers also want a challenging road, having rise and fall, long and twisting, and has a beautiful view over the surrounding
Reporting from, here are six of the best streets challenging location to enjoy the bikers around the world:
1. Nacimiento-Fergusson Road (California - USA)

Nacimiento-Fergusson Road (California - USA)
The road starts from Highway 101 Jolon Road and moving westward to Fort Hunter Liggett military base. The road will climb up through the woods around the Santa Lucia mountains on curvy roads, narrow and rough, and will enjoy the stunning panoramic views.

2. Lawn Hill National Park 9 (Australia)

Lawn Hill National Park 9 (Australia)
Rough the road is suitable for dirt bike enthusiasts. The road was mostly straight, but there are some hills, crossing rivers and valleys and maybe you can enjoy it freely because there is rarely another motor around you.

3. Road To Ronda (Spain)

Road To Ronda (Spain)
Starting from the Costa Del Sol, then crossed the plains Serrania de Ronda. It is recommended to use an agile and fast bike like the Ninja 600 or Ducati. This path has corners that are challenging to pass at high speed.

4. Denali Highway (Alaska)

Denali Highway (Alaska)
This road runs along the 135 miles between Paxson and Cantwell. If you start the trip in Paxson, we will be able to see Mount McKinley (the highest mountain in the United States) from a distance of 250 km away.

5. Datong Road (China)

Datong Road (China)
The beauty of this road is described as a way around the Alps or Rockies. If there could also be taking the time to stay one night at Wutai Shan Buddhist monastery.

6. Grossglockner Strasse (Austria)

Grossglockner Strasse (Austria)

Often called Route 107, and in the way it stretches along 30 miles of the highest mountain in Austria that virtually almost 8000 feet high. Go south, and do not miss left Edelweiss tower that promises extraordinary panorama.

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