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10 Best Concept Cars 2012

The concept car has always been a mainstay of the car manufacturers in pouring new ideas. Which is the best car in 2012?As we prepare to welcome the year 2013, it is timely to review the best concept cars of 2012 in various categories. From the shape supercar, green-cars, to cars and odd abstract form.Quoted from GizMag, here's 10 best concept car in 2012:1. Sexiest Roadster: Lamborghini Aventador J

Lamborghini Aventador J
If there is one concept car that can radiate sexiness in every curve of her body is only one name that can be done, Lamborghini Aventador J.2. Coolest off-roader: Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force
 Like the G-Class, hydrogen-fueled cars are designed to be through any road muddy, rocky, or hilly roads slippery. Equipment in it also includes several useful tools such as scanners and terrain scanner toolbox.3. Most Radical Supercar Design: Peugeot Onyx

Peugeot Onyx
Many other supercar concept looks monotonous, so it's pretty exciting when Peugeot concept car with bold make different designs of most supercar concept.4. Coolest Concept That Will Never See Production: Volkswagen Hover Car

Volkswagen Hover Car
It is a concept car with the most unusual design, which we can only imagine might exist only in the movies theme of the future. Looks like this car will not be produced, at least in the near future.5. Coolest Concept Likely to See Production: Lexus LF-LC

Lexus LF-LC
Lexus LF-LC debuted at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show 2012 with an excellent conceptual value. The positive reaction of the visitors made the company consider starting production.6. Best Conceptual Revival: Mighty Jeep FC

Mighty Jeep FC
Jeep has long thought of the idea to re-create the model of his pick-up, passing cars, the Jeep makes a concept that combines the Wrangler Rubicon to be combined with a cargo box.7. EV We Most Want to be Seen in: Morgan Plus E

Morgan Plus E
Most of the electric cars made today futuristic theme. Morgan refused mainstream, they would make an electric car with a retro theme.

8. EV We Most Want to Drive: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive
Mercedes concept car is claimed to be king electric supercar r this year. It was fine for electric car power reaches 740 horsepower!9. Best Production Car Turned Racer: Bentley Continental GT3 Racer Concept

Bentley Continental GT3 Racer Concept

Bentley left the world Motosport in 2003. This time Bentley was ready to return to racing with the Continental GT3 will make its debut on the race track next year.

10. Hottest Concept'll See Next Year: McLaren P1

McLaren P1

With unique and stunning design and components through advanced and aerodynamic side, P1 is ready to become the world's most elite supercars.

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