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How to Block Phone & SMS Spam on Android Phones


Block Phone & SMS Spam on Android Phones
Various kinds of spam in the form of phone calls and SMS are now increasingly widespread circulation. No doubt, it is often interfere with our activities as mobile users. How do I just went?

 Spam on smartphone increasingly diverse forms. Anyone who often received in the form of a phone call is spam product and service offerings, as well as SMS similar things even fraud to transfer a sum of money and the like.

 Fortunately for your Android-based smartphone users, because of Google's mobile operating system has a system that can cope with the disorder.

 There are various ways you can do but in a way that does not take long and pretty efficiently prevent spam is to use the applications 'Root Call Blocker'.

 Root Call Blocker can only work on rooted Android. When access to the root have been devoted to this application you can easily block phone numbers that you feel is intrusive and do a filter to phone calls as well as SMS that you consider spam.

 You can choose a number of options, including if you want to get a notification if a number is blocked which is trying to dial your phone.

 You can choose to set the phone in silent state without notification. In essence, the settings in the application made ​​by the developer company Fahrbot can be adjusted as you wish.

 Root Call Blocker can be downloaded for free directly from your Android device through Google Play Store.

Good luck.
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