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7 Things Men So Perfect in the Eyes of Women

7 Things Men So Perfect in the Eyes of Women
There are some things that can not be done, but it's perfect woman when a man or your partner do it. Instantly it also makes you more love.

Time of India exposing at least seven things so perfect when done by men.
1. The voice sounded sexy in the morning

have a sexy voice
This has always been the first list. Men have the kind of voice Barito tempting when they just got in pagihari, while women end up like a frog that sings so crushed to hear their voices.
Unofficial research also found that men actually type a normal voice can be sexy when in the morning.

2. Ability to provide comforting hug

comforting hug
Some never deny that embracing a man is like hugging a life size bonekaberuang. They are so big and warm embrace of our bodies.
Whatever the size of a man's body, they would still larger than the female body. And sometimes hug has a number of additional romanticism such as the smell of your hair.
3. The way they urinate

It is certainly very fundamental difference between us women with a man. Similarly, when a woman who is pregnant and will give birth to expend all his strength to fight the baby out of her stomach. It really makes her partner so proud and think why it could do.
4. Say something totally inappropriate, but still charming

Say something totally inappropriate, but still charming
 If a woman who said, certainly very, very inappropriate. But if the man who did it as legitimate. Even sounded mighty like to say something to people who are rude to defend us.
5. The ability to eat as much and they will calm his image

as i lay dying
Very jealous of the guy so heartily and can put anything into his mouth without having a headache thinking about fat and cellulite to be buried at the waist or paha.Mungkin men blessed with very good metabolism.
6. Their ability to repair damaged equipment

a day to remember
 Men as if given a spell to conjure up something that had been broken into can function again. In the hands of them all as it runs well and she is very proud of their work. Ranging from light bulbs, fuse wires to your personal computer to phone.
7. Game God

Lamb of god
Maybe we made rather frequently annoyed by this one man's ability. But anyway this is like perfection given to those men.
In the words of a very wise man, "Men can destroy women in video games, smash!"

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