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Barista Coffee Shop This bikini

sexy barista
Since it opened a few months ago, this coffee shop attract visitors. Coffee shop in Orlando is filled with visitors. Because all women who blend coffee barista berseragamkan bikinis and lingerie. Wah wah ...!

Java Girls, a sensational coffee shop was opened in November last in Orlando. As the name suggests, all the employees are women. Which makes sensational is uniform they use, such as bikini and at other times they were wearing lingerie.

sexy bikini
Owners are two brothers Todd and Bill Brognano. Although only a single shop in Florida, but the Java Girls is already present in 10 other locations throughout the United States. They claimed that the idea of ​​the concept of "servant bikini" was originally started in Seattle sometime in the 2000s.

"I think the idea is very interesting when applied to the coffee shop industry," said TODD Brognano as quoted from orlandosentinel.com (6/3). "Coffee is the place where you can have the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee or take it on the way to work."

sex bikini

So far the Java Girls is not only attractive but also her male customers. By TODD, most of the consumers do not care how pretty barista who served them, if they are tasty coffee will definitely be back again. In addition to offering coffee shop also serves up some lighter dishes such as sandwiches and dessert.

Last month there were two complaints from the public that goes to sheriff's deputies, Orange County. Responding to Ginette Rodriguez current rate is still reasonable in the absence of violence.

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