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iPad Mini 2 stretcher Will Retina Display?

Ipad mini 2 Retina Display

Although not yet officially launched two months, speculation about the second generation iPad rumored Mini crowded in cyberspace. Like what?

A source obtained DigiTimes says that the current Mini iPad 2 already in production. The second generation of Apple's tiny tablet is rumored to be present with Retina Display technology that has a resolution of 2058x1536 pixels with a density of 325ppi.

Apple also mentioned going to make a re-lighting of the device that weighs less. According to a source that is a companion to Apple's component suppliers from Taiwan, one way is two LED light bars on the iPad Mini will be changed to the bar in iPad Mini 2.

Problem size, the source says that Apple will continue to carry the 7.9-inch screen for the second generation of its iPad Mini's.

However, until now there has been no information from the relevant details about the Apple iPad second generation Mini, both of the additional features and the time of its release.

iPad Mini 2 Bakal Usung Retina Display? - INILAH.com

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