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Hamburg and AS Roma Will to Surabaya

Hamburg and AS Roma Will to Surabaya
 Two big European clubs, Hamburg SV and AS Roma reportedly will visit Indonesia. Reportedly, they will compete in Surabaya.

Surabaya is scheduled to visit Rome in May 2013. According to the newspaper, Francesco Totti Cs. will spend four days in the City of Heroes. As a form of seriousness, the organizers, the Ninesport inc've done inspections Bung Tomo, homebase Persebaya.

Inspection conducted on Saturday (15/12/2012) was carried out by eight representatives of Ninesport inc. "Last Saturday they were to GBT. They saw and asked details about the GBT. Currently there was no problem for the stadium," said Media Relations, Ram Surahman.

Even more encouraging, not only I Lupi to come into the city, Hamburg SV will also do the same. "In fact, in a conversation, they plan not only bring in AS Roma, but also Hamburg SV," he connect.

"Together with U-23 national team and Persebaya, two European club will compete in a tournament, fighting Cup Bung Tomo," he insisted.

If true, except Rome and Hamburg, Indonesia is also the coming of the English club, Arsenal. Their plans will come in July 2013.

Hamburg dan AS Roma Disebut Bakal ke Surabaya -

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