Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Cough Cured with Eating Chocolate


In addition to having a compelling flavor, chocolate has health giving properties prior to banish chronic cough. Really?
Studies conducted in London said that apparently the compounds contained in chocolate can stop the symptoms of acute or chronic cough.

Reported by Dailymail, in this study, the scientists conducted a study of 300 300 people with a cough that will not go away, conducting clinical trials in 13 hospitals the National Health Service, UK. They were all given the intake of theobromine, a natural chemical raw chocolate.

After receiving intake twice a day, in 14 days, as many as 60% of patients experienced healing, told Zeenews. With a reduced sense of cough experienced, they feel a change, that breathe with relief.

The researcher also explained that the consumption of one bar of chocolate a day can cure chronic cough. The amount of theobromine is needed in this healing is 1,000 mg.

Unsweetened dark chocolate contains 450 mg theobromine, dark chocolate with a sweet flavor contains 150 mg theobromine and 60 mg milk chocolate.

"Eating a bar of dark chocolate every day may be more effective for patients with cough, even though eating chocolate every day giving other undesirable effects such as weight gain," said researcher Prof. Alyn Moric.


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