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Mandatory Visited Tourist Attractions Before Doomsday (1)

Mandatory Visited Tourist Attractions Before Doomsday (1)
Speculation about the end of the world or the end of the world will occur on December 21, the Mayan calendar coming by continued blows. Some believe, some do not.
Either believe it or not, but at least the prophecy could provide a reason why you particularly like to do sightseeing or adventure in the wild to list a number of places and stunning tourist sites around the world.
As reported by, there are some places that seem to have you visit and enjoy before the world ends. Of course also a few places in the country are no less astounding, according to our version.
Grand Canyon in the United States

Grand Canyon in the United States
Most people fly to Canyon by helicopter from Las Vegas. But the best way to truly experience the natural wonders of the world is to climb the steep side.
There is some way from the edge to the Colorado River at the bottom, but the 'easiest' is the Bright Angel trail. It has a length of eight miles and an altitude of nearly 4400 feet - but remember you have to go back the same way.

Video Grand Canyon in the United States

Best in Indonesia, Green Canyon, West Java.

Green Canyon, West Java
 Touted as the Grand Canyonnya Indonesia, in the Ciamis, West Java, there is also a tourist spot Green Canyon is no less beautiful and amazing.
Name is a play on Green Canyon Grand Canyon, whose real name is actually Cukang Taneuh from Sundanese language meaning Land Bridge.
This attraction is the flow of the river Cijulang passing through the cave in which stalaktif and filled with beautiful stalactites. The area is also flanked by two hills full of rocks and grove of trees that adds to the beauty.
Not the usual river, Green River Canyon is very beautiful, with green water tosca. Then look rapids with a narrow groove that difficult to pass by the boat which means've arrived at the mouth of Green Canyon.
Since he could not pass the boat, the journey should be continued by swimming or crawling on the edge of the stone. This is where the adventure began early.

Video Green Canyon, West Java.

Diving on the Barrier Reef, Australia

Diving on the Barrier Reef, Australia

For an extra-special experience, you can enjoy the underwater scenery is very beautiful and menabjukan here. With rocks are beautiful and diverse marine life of millions and is very pretty.
Video Diving on the Barrier Reef, Australia 

Best in Indonesia, Raja Ampat, Papua

Raja Ampat, Papua
No less beautiful and menakjubannya with Barrier Reef in kangaroo country, in our country we also have the natural Raja Ampat in Papua. There too we can dive and enjoy the paradise of the world with millions of rocks and fish and other aquatic biota.
Tourist attractions Raja Ampat is considered a very exclusive tourist attractions because it requires no small cost to be able to enjoy it, then do not be surprised if many of them foreign tourists visited tourist spots visible, located in the west part of the Bird's Head of New Guinea. Administratively, it is under the cluster of Raja Ampat, West Papua, citing Wikipedia.

Video Raja Ampat Papua 

Visit and enjoy the Bolshoi ballet in Moscow

Bolshoi ballet in Moscow
Newly refurbished after a long closed, the Bolshoi is one of the world's buildings baletterbesar cultural performances. Requires a tremendous effort to mendapatknya tickets, but once there, you can have fun in the buildings that are built into the 18th century ballet Inidan enjoy the best on Earth.
Video Bolshoi ballet in Moscow

Best in Indonesia, building performance Jakarta Arts Building (GKJ)

Jakarta Arts Building (GKJ)
 Several performances from home and abroad have been held here. GKJ an old building heritage of the Dutch government, which until now is still standing strong at No. Street Theatre. 1 Central Jakarta, according to Wikipedia.
Neo-renaissance style building built in 1821 was a place where artists from all over the archipelago demonstrate his artistic creations, such as drama, theater, film, literature, and so forth. Theater Schouwburg Weltevreden real name, also called the Comedy House.

Video Jakarta Arts Building (GKJ)


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