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Jual Headphones Superlux HD681

Headphones Superlux HD681   
  harga Rp. 265.000
Minat ? hubungi : 081296504420 (rio)
COD: Jakarta Selatan,Depok lainya konfirmasi dulu

HD681 Series
Professional Monitoring Headphones
The HD681 series headphones offer 3 distinctive sound profiles, each with its own character: The HD681 features an exceptionally deep low frequency, the HD681F has a flat extended frequency response, and the HD681B has an excellent balanced character, and powerful bass punch.
As for the sound image presented by these headphones, the HD681 gives you the feeling of  actually being on stage with the artists while the HD681F makes you feel as if you sitting on the front row and the HD681B puts you in the middle of the concert hall, enjoying a deep, rich sound. These three headphones also deliver excellent balance and clarity. The ergonomically-designed vinyl ear pieces combined with the lightweight and self-adjusting headband of these headphones make them very comfortable. Whether you’re monitoring, tracking, mixing, or just listening to an MP3 or other audio source, you can expect comfort and sonic accuracy from your HD681 series headphones.

Accurate and detailed sound greatly enhances your listening
2. High efficiency and wide dynamic range
3. Durable construction allows it to be twisted for use as a single
    ear headphone
4. Self-adjusting headband for great fit and maximum comfort
5. Single-sided, straight cable
6. Outstanding quality and value
7. Environmentally friendly packaging, good for displays and easy to


Type: Dynamic, Semi-open
Driver: Φ50mm, neodymium
Sensitivity: 98dB SPL (1mW)
Frequency Response: 10-30,000Hz
Maximum Power: 300 mW
Rated Impedance: 32 Ω (copper-coated aluminum wire)
Earpad: leather
Cable: 2.5-meter (8.2 ft.) straight, single-sided
Connectors: Screw-on gold plated stereo mini plug
Headphone Caliper Pressure: Approx. 3.5N
Net Weight: 276g(9.75 oz)

Frequency ResponseHD681

Deep low frequency “On stage” sound, perfect for enjoying the beauty of classical music & other large ensembles.

Frequency response HD681

Both the HD681 & P-brand HP890 have a similar curve, presenting a bright and clear sound. When playing classical music, the HD681 will surprise you with its breadth, clarity and dynamic presence.


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