Rabu, 28 November 2012

(Breaking New Records) 10 Million Photos Instagram Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 22, 2012, a busy day for Instagram. How not. More than 10 million photos uploaded to the Thanksgiving theme related to social networking to share photos.

Reported by TheNextWeb, more than 10 million images with associated captions Thanksgiving uploaded to Instagram in 24 hours. In fact, at 12:40 local time or at lunch, this figure reached its peak, the 226 images per second.

Thanksgiving theme party Instagram claimed this year's record Instagram tmemecahkan all. Photos of the most widely distributed mostly typical Thanksgiving foods like roast turkey and pie. Momentum gathered and a bite to eat with friends or relatives are also widely distributed.

"We're happy to see people using Instagram to share their holiday. Whether celebrating with friends and family or share the photos with them halfway around the world. We are very excited to see the intimacy and closeness of Instagram experience that brings us all closer during this holiday season , "wrote on his official blog Instagram.

Thanksgiving this year, beating Sandy hurricane that came some time ago, that there are 800 thousand photos uploaded to Instagram related to the storm Sandy. With the hashtag # Sandy, 800 thousand was brisk Instagram earlier this month.

10 Juta Foto Thanksgiving Ramaikan Instagram - INILAH.com

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